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Photo Retouching

Imagine writing a book without an editor. In terms of photography, that would be the same as a photo without retouching.

You have your pose, the background and your best angle – now to fix the smallest details which make the biggest difference.

Retouching is the most important step in turning a good photo into an excellent one, an ordinary look into an interesting one, and a dark, lackluster face into someone you recognize.

Retouching provides the final magical touch to transform your photos into the most striking images of you. Even professionally taken photos cannot hide any possible redness or shine on your face – but retouching can.

Retouching enhances all the best parts of your photo, smoothes out the dark spots, improves lighting and shadows, and improves your chances of showing you have the edge over the competition.

Experts recommend that retouching should be done by professionals – and who are we to argue? We have the eye for detail, the expertise and the resources that it takes to retouch any photo – and to do it correctly!

Our in-house digital retouching artists are well-versed with today's demands from agents and managers. We will guide and inform you through every step of the retouching process:

Trust us with the most important step in showing off your best side. We know you will love the results.

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It is very important to get the right retouching done. A well retouched picture still looks like you. With the right amount of retouching like removing stray hair, clearing blemishes and bloodshot eyes, a good photograph can become great. Experts recommend that actors do not try to retouch their own pictures or skip this important part of the process of getting their headshots done. Don’t underestimate the benefits a small amount of retouching can accomplish. Our digital retouching artists are well versed with today’s demands from agents and managers and will guide and inform you every step of the retouching process.

  • General Retouching


  • Advanced Retouching & Digital Imaging


  • Retouch blemishes, fly aways, lighting, skin tones and much more!
    All retouching Include Digital proof for approval.

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We specialize in restorations of old photographs. Our in house retouchers are well trained in bringing back the original quality of images without looking retouched.

It can be fixed! Extremely damaged photographs can be restored.

• Repair poor lighting, glare, red eye, bad shadows, backgrounds, skin tones, blemishes and texture.
• Adding or deleting objects or people from photographs.
• Repair color balance and contrast of photographs.
• Digital coloring of black and white photographs.


Restoration rates start at $30. $10 for scanning photograph or Negative, No fee if digital file is provided. We need to see the photograph or digital file in order to estimate the amount of time necessary to restore. We offer competitive rates with unmatched quality.