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Photo Lab Customer Testimonials

Customer service and quality is our number one priority at The Actor's Photo Lab. With every order, we take great care in understanding what our Actor clients are looking to accomplish. Weather you want 8x10 photo reproduction, custom name setup, or to retouch a photo to set yourself ahead of others auditioning, we make sure that the outcome exceeds your every expectation.

When browsing our happy customer testimonials, you well see over and over that service is our goal. Once you have tried our quality, service and fast turnaround, we are sure you will become a part of our “happy customer” family.

Try us and you’ll see how we can set you ahead of your competition when it comes to promoting yourself.

We look forward to serving you acting and modeling needs and adding your testimonial on our site.

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" I love the Actor's Photo Lab. Great service, quality and prices. Thanks!"

Noel O

"I live in Chicago and your prices are better than any I can find here in town. Your work is WONDERFUL and the turn-around time, including shipping is excellent. I'm a very happy customer!"

Elizabeth R.

"I've used The Actor's Photo Lab twice before. Both times were great! I did everything via email & web, and even got feedback making suggestions, asking questions, making sure I was 100% satisfied before processing. I like the small quantities you offer...a great way to have multiple options without going broke!"

Lorren C.

"Fantastic service and quality! Thanks, y'all!"

Liam B.

"This place is the best! Quality products and quality people. Also, they make awesome personalized post cards. This is my go-to place for any marketing needs."

Kristin W.

"Actors photo lab has always been my go to for all of my acting photo necessities. They are very professional and very prompt."

Shelley F.

"You guys rock!! Super beautiful images at the most inexpensive price I've found. How do you do it!!"

Leda L.

"I've been to several places trying to find the best printers and you guys are IT!!!"

Lindsey B.

"Love the attention to detail that you get from The Actor's Photo Lab."

Mark P.

"The Actor's Photo Lab is very professional and extremely high quality in everything they do. I trust getting my headshots only from them and can't imagine what I would do without having their services so readily available."

Mojan M.

"Best price in town AND best costumer service, great quality photos super quick!!"

Sydney M.

"The Actor's Photo Lab is one of the best printing services I have discovered in Los Angeles. The first time I used them I needed headshots printed desperately within a three hour window. They worked with me and were able to make this happen. Most places would have turned me down and said tough luck but they graciously helped me. The fact that they helped me on such a short notice speaks measures about the quality of people that work here. I would suggest them to anyone."

Sarah M.

"I will always recommend The Actors Photo Lab! The quality was outstanding, the personal service received was stellar and the turn around time was amazing!"

Melissa W.

"Always satisfied! Great quality and a lot faster than most."

Rae L.

"I love you guys and use you all the time, and always recommend you to friends. So easy and so communicative."

Amanda M.

"You guys are the best! This is my 4th or 5th order and I keep coming back!"

Allison P.

"This is my third time using your services and every time I receive great service and amazing results."

Alisha H.

"Large last minute order? Shipped to a hotel in Tennessee ahead of my flight? No problem. Pictures were there in time, looking great."

Algernon D.

"Friendly service and quick, great looking prints!"

Aleksandra J.

"I have used you guys before and will continue to do so. Fast, convenient and professional"

Cristina S.

"We have used The Actors Photo Lab before. Love it, my photos are awesome. Thank you!"

Adam F.

"You have amazing quality prints! And i love how you are there for me when i need headshots last minute!"

Melissa C.

"The Actor's Photo Lab has been really good to me, super friendly, answers all my questions, and they are cheaper than Costco! So they are my go-to for my headshots now. Thanks guys!"

Moses N.

"Very good service. So good I'm back for more!"

Valerie M.

"Great turnaround, quality, and prices, this is my go to place for prints of my headshots"

Anthony B.

"I get my headshots printed by The Actor's Photo Lab every time. Its always fast, good quality, and great customer service!!"

Cecily C.

"In New York, everyone recommends Reproductions. I'm not sure why, since The Actor's Photo Lab offers great prints at WAY lower prices."

Charlie M.

"The first time that I used The Actor's Photo Lab, they had my prints ready same day, right when I got there. They were very considerate of my time since I live so far away. These are the reasons why I am using them again. Thank you."

Lauren E.

"Actors Photo Lab is awesome! Friendly and fast service, and always great attention to detail. They get my pics perfect every time! And they are all super sweet guys."

Michelle S.

"I used this service earlier this year for the first time and was beyond thrilled. I ordered 100 in bulk and just ran out. I will absolutely continue using"

Jorie K.

"We love Actor's Photo Lab! They are so helpful, quick, and just AWESOME!!!!"

Hannah S.

"Very professional! That's why I'm coming back to your business!"

Jaclyn W.

"Awesome prints! Will definitely use again in the future!"

Kyle C.

"We have loved everything you have printed for us."

Ashlyn B.

"You guys are always fast. And you have excellent taste in font choices!"

Rachel A.

"I had my headshots retouched here a few weeks ago, and am very happy with them:)"

Sydney N.

"Quality prints, always quick and convenient."

Guillermo A.

"Great customer service! Great product! Speedy and reliable service!"

Tannia K.

"Love you guys! Always professional and friendly! Thanks, Actor'S Photo Lab!"

Edward W.

"Great communication! Easy process! Great prices!"

Heather S.

"You guys are awesome! Prompt, reasonably priced, and accurate. Thanks for your help."

Kyle A.

"You guys are the best. Thanks again."

Heidi L.

"Your headshots are FANTASTIC and show up in great quality! And your pre-cut resume papers are incredibly well-priced and convenient. Thank you!"

Polet L.

"The Actors Photo Lab have the highest quality headshots at a great price."

Danielle P.

"This is our third time using your service and we love it!
Great quality & customer service! :)"

Karillis C.

"The Actor's Photo lab did everything wonderfully. They were great to work with, very prompt, the headshots came in a great amount of time, and I was very pleased with the final product."

Matt S.

"Actor's Photo Lab is awesome. First time I used them they hooked me up with same-day prints, and they came out great!!"

Justin O.

"You guys have always been great. So quick at getting my order ready. Thanks for everything."

Anna Rose H.

"Great quality and fast turnaround time. Love using you guys!"

Tracy S.

"this is the third time I am using Actors Photo Lab, 2 years of excellent costumer service and great headshot re-prints"

Alyssa E.

"This is the only place I use! Great fast work every time. Thanks!"

Jackie J.

"I have used your services several times. The photos always look great, and they were ready on time as promised."

Daniel L.

"Actor's Photo Lab is the best! Super convenient, quick, dependable and always amazing quality, it's my go to spot!"

Alexis C.

"You guys are amazing and always do great work! I won't go anywhere else."

Lindsey B.

"Great service, fast, friendly and great quality! :)"

Scott B.

"The Actor's Photo Lab provides fast reliable service every time. They have saved my butt on numerous occasions when I needed a rush print job for an audition. I love The Actor's Photo Lab!"

Cameron D.

"You guys are AWESOME…what else is there to say. Always great quality and fast! Don't bother going anywhere else"

Danielle M.

"Best headshot reproduction I ever seen"

Alvin E.

"You guys are great, I always come to you"

Christina N.

"Sloane loves The Actor's Photo Lab"

Sloane S.

"Haydee loves The Actor's Photo Lab"

Haydee B.

"Max loves The Actor's Photo Lab"

Max T.

"Dean loves The Actor's Photo Lab"

Dean S.

"As we have needed pictures to fulfill requests from fans, we have found The Actors Photo Lab to be the most professional, the most reasonable, the most personal, and the most prompt for the filling of orders. The work is exceptional in quality and the personal attention that we have received is amazing. When we place an order, we receive a personal call clarifying the request along with suggestions for the details of the order. We have also had personal guidance with the online ordering system which is very helpful. In most cases, we have enjoyed a 24 hour shipment turnaround which is fantastic. We look forward to many years of business with this fine lab and are anxious to check out all of the creative services that are available. We are so grateful to our dear friend, Dick Richards, for his recommendation of this fine lab."

Beverly ( and Wilford ) Brimley

"Last time I had my photos reproduced by you, you did a fantastic job. So, I am back again. Let love rain down"

Janice J.

"I have used the Actors Photo Lab once before to get more prints of my head shots, and I was very impressed. The quality was fantastic, the gentlemen who helped me was very friendly, and I got them within a couple days. I would highly recommend them!"

Clare Y.

"Everything came and it all looks great. I have been spreading the word and hopefully getting you guys more business. Thanks for the quality product"

Cory S.

"Just picked up the prints today. Everything looks terrific. I really appreciate your work and helping me come away with good looking pictures. -Thanks Mitch!"

Jesse W.

"Mitch, OMG and thanks so much! Absolutely better than expected. I so appreciate your efforts... I'll put the word out!"

Christina C.

"I live in New York, and will only order my prints from Actors Photo're the only ones that do it right!"

Monica B.

"The Actor's Photo Lab is the best place to take care of your Headshot and Resume needs. They're friendly, efficient, and affordable."

Joseph B.

"Best headshot envelopes available anywhere!"

Kyle C.

"Great service, great prices, great location!"

Renee H.

"Third time using your services and it has been great! Looking forward to more great pictures from you. Thanks again."

Lorita D.

"The Actors Photo Lab makes the process of getting head shots printed quick and painless! They have great customer service and I love the custom fit window envelopes!"

Andra J.

"You guys were great last time. Everything looked fantastic. Phone call was great and made in a timely fashion. Keep it up"

Colin S.

"Got the head shots in time for leagues--and they look super great!! Thanks so much for the fast and high-quality work."

Paula R.

"You guys are rad! Thanks for being so quick, easy and professional! You guys rock!"

Michaela M.

"I have used Actor's Photo Lab for years! They are fast, have great customer service, and provide quality prints!! Love them! :)"

Mackenzie M.

"I have been so pleased with my head shots! The quality and the service are both outstanding, Thank You!"

Robynn F.

"Great quality prints and friendly service. Thank you for your work!"

Anna R.

"Actor's Photo Lab is the only place I will go now! They're nice and deliver quality prints same day! For someone like me, that's a necessity."

Laura H.

"After a mistake on my part nearly caused my order to be late, the staff at Actor's Photo Lab went well out of their way to ensure that my prints were ready on time and of the best quality. Can't speak highly enough about their customer service."

Tucker M.

"Actors PhotoLab is professional, the best prices, and quick."

Anthony B.

"Beautiful job with 1st order and excellent service by Eddie and Mitch!"

Lori S.

"The customer service was AMAZEBALLS and I have recommended quite a few of my actor friends to you guys!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!"

Jacquelin S.

"You guys are always friendly and fast. No charge for rush orders! That's unheard of in this town. And you give us free test prints. i can't ask for a better service . thanks!"

Cristina S.

"Always excellent quality with prompt service."

Ed B.

"I have used The Actor's Photo Lab for head shot printing once before and it was amazing! Great service; I got the phone call very quickly and everything was just as I needed it to be!"

Betsabé C.

"Fast, courteous, reliable service! I'm a fan."

Martin S.

"This is my second time using Actors Photo Lab and I plan on using them again. They have won me over with their excellent customer service, quick turnaround time and high quality. The BEST"

Patrice G.

"Actors Photo Lab is great! They responded to me promptly and offered rush delivery that same day!"

Angela B.

"This is my favorite place to go to when I am running low on copies of my headshot. They work really fast and can have the photos ready as soon as you need them!"

Indhira F.

"The Actor's Photo Lab is amazing - great customer service, super speedy, easy to order and re-order, excellent quality. I couldn't be happier with my experience!"

Krista H.

"The Actor's Photo Lab is awesome! I called today in a panic and they accommodated me with no hesitation. The prints are beautiful...I won't order from anyone else!"

Kimi V.

"Love the quality of the photos, and incredibly fast shipping!"

Caity E.

"Love your prints, they always turn out great! :)"

Beckett A.

"I love the Actor's Photo Lab - everyone is incredibly helpful and makes sure you are completely satisfied! Not only do they not overcharge you like many other places, they offer personal customer service as well!"

Ali W.

"You guys make it so easy for me...its awesome!"

Karen B.

"The Actors Photo Lab Rock - always quick, professional and knowledgeable."

Greg T.

"Always a great product. Easy to work with... no stress and great service!"

Brandy D.

"Great rates and fast turnaround - this is my 4th time using The Actor's Photo Lab"

Claudia S.

"love the products and the service! great communication and quick turn around."

Tommy T.

"Great to work with! Fast, friendly and beautiful quality."

Kim M.

"Amazing work and so convenient to order online! I love The Actor's Photo Lab! :D"

Vivian L.

"Mitch is a genius. He has designed my postcards twice now, and has exceeded my expectations each time! I am SUPER picky and he always indulges my requests for the slightest tweaks to make the design perfect! Service is friendly, efficient, and affordable. The Actor's Photo Lab is awesome!!"

Rya M.

"Many of our clients are actors seeking the best head shots possible. When they ask us where to get them printed, we always say The Actor's Photo Lab... It’s the best quality for the best prices! Our clients are always happy... and so are we! Thanks! 3 Cubed Studios, LLC"

Justin S.

"Great customer service and communication."

Kalii J.

"The Actor's Photo Lab is the best place for actors in L.A. to get all of there head shot/Resume needs. Best price, best quality, best place in town...hands down!"

Joseph B.

"I think I'm actually addicted to the services here. I keep coming back because they are so darn good at EVERYTHING!! Retouching, reproductions, postcard design & printing... always the BEST with the lowest price!"

Rya M.

"I love working with the Actor's Photo Lab Team. They always have the best ideas about what will make my picture pop and the best part is with great pictures they offer friendly service. I often get compliments about how professional my pictures look. Affordable, friendly, and creative, the best of all worlds."

Phoebe A.

"I found Actors Photo Lab while I was searching for a place that was easy to understand ordering online, and not drastically overpriced. I am SO HAPPY I found Actors Photo Lab. Ordering was incredibly easy. I needed my headshots pretty fast, they rushed them for free and I live in Connecticut. I got them within a matter of days, it was wonderful! The quality of the print is outstanding, they looked even better printed than they did on my computer! Then not to mention the pricing is amazing! I would absolutely recommend Actors Photo Lab to anyone and everyone!"

Kristina W.

"I was in a rush for some head shots and I called the Photo Lab and they were ready within a few hours and were a great quality!! Such a helpful photo lab!! Thank you so much!"

Adela T.

"You guys did a great job last time. Thank you."

Jaqueline-Ann W.

"The Actors Photo Lab has been so great in the past and I will continue to use them for headshot prints! Thank you for quality service."

Kandis M.

"Just received my head shot photos about a week ago and they look great, plus, I received them quickly."

Amie B.

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Actor's Photo Lab! For struggling actors, you simply cannot beat the prices."

Scott C.

"You guys are great! Good quality and fast. Thank you."

Marie J.

"I have used you before and have been very happy! The quality is wonderful and you are so quick to turn the product around. Thank you so much!"

Angie S.

"You guys are great! Always quick, easy, and great quality prints. Helped me out in a jam many times."

Cameron D.

"Actors photo lab is awesome!! They give you high quality prints at a fraction of the price."

Robert M. Jr.

"I always use Actors Photo Lab and have been consistently happy with the results! Thanks Actors Photo Lab!"

Christina Marie L.

"Used you guys a few times before and you always give quick, professional and friendly service. Been a lifesaver a few times with your fast printing services, I know I can always count on you when I need fast quality prints!"

Regan C.

"I love this place! It is a very personal place of business. When I had first ordered from them, the entire staff was very friendly. The best part is when they saw me almost a year after placing my order, they knew me by name/face and they were just as friendly. I wasn't even placing an order.

I would never take my business anywhere else. They are awesome people and the turnaround time on your order is short and sweet. You WILL be satisfied with your order."

Michael A.

"Liesel loves The Actor's Photo Lab"

Liesel K.

"Robert loves The Actor's Photo Lab"

Robet B.

See what Staci has to say!

Staci P.

"Actor's Photo Lab is such a great resource for actors. They make the process so easy and it's affordable!"

Andra J.

"You guys do great work, and get it done very quick. I was very satisifed and thats why I'm coming back."

Ken H.

"You guys are awesome! Thanks!"

Erin M.

"The service was great and turnaround was fast. And the prices and options can't be beat."

John S.

"APL is a GREAT service--quick, great quality, excellent price!"

Max M.

"I love you guys! This is my first time ordering online, because I just love coming in and reviewing everything in person- you're all so nice!"

Amanda J.

"Loved the way my last headshot came out with you guys!"

Martin R.

"So happy with my last duplications, I'm back for the 3rd time! Thank You -Actorsphotolab"

Michael P.

"The headshots I got from this place are great!"

Sto S.

Hear what Robert has to say about The Actor's Photo Lab!

Check out Robert's IMDB page.

Robert Burton

"Received package yesterday, picked up at work this morning, prints look great, sooooooo appreciate the speed you guys worked at and will be ordering from you again :)"

Mia & Monica

"Looks perfect even better than I expected. Thanks for all of your help!"

Tony G.

"Second time using your service, it has been outstanding. Great service fast, economical and professional!! Recommend to others."

Brian W.

"Great Photos with a quick turnaround."

Ricardo (SAN/JessicaJ)

"That was an incredible shipping time ! Thanks - my headshots look fantastic!"

Jamie T.

"Just wanted to let you know I received the headshots yesterday in the mail, and I'm really pleased with them. They look great, the quality is excellent, and I'm super-keen to get them out representing me. I will definitely be using you again in future, and I'll be singing your praises to other NYC actors."

Paul N.

"I have used your services before and really love your work!"

Kate L.

“I’m so happy to find you guys, thanks for being so accommodating and professional.”

Jeannie M.

“I love working with you guys! You’re always so quick to respond and will happily go back and forth with me until I’m entirely happy with the print. I’m grateful I found you in LA!”

Samara B.

“Actual prints, not lithographs; they look great and I get compliments all the time! Thank you! “

Beckett A.

“The pictures are amazing, thank you so much for your service and dedication.”

Laura P.

“Service is always quick and the quality is always fantastic!”

Jake P.

“You guys are my go-to headshot repro house in LA! “

Liesel K.

“I’ve used their services before, it was fast great quality I highly recommend this place.”

Sharieff W.

“There’s no other place I can think of to get my headshots done. They’re quick and provide great service, at an affordable price! I would highly recommend them! “

Jay C.

“I’ve used your service once and it was great. Mitch was so nice and got the job done very quickly. My daughter’s headshots looked fantastic!! I’ve recommended you to several people already and they seem to be pleased too. THX “

Vivian M.

“WOW……….. Mitch at The Actors Photo Lab created retouching magic and captured every detail to enhance my photos.

He also helped me find the right font for my name plate— Prices were great……….

Again, WOW, Thank you for your quick and wonderful service… I am coming back…. with friends!!!!!!”

Sudana B.

“Great work! Fast service, great prices, friendly.“

Jessica G.

“I brought two picture for an article for The Actors Fund of America. Overnight they changed an old picture into a new one. Also an amateur cell phone photo into a Class A usable photo for casting purposes. Hurray! Best wishes, Al Checcco.“

Al C.

“Great!!! Fast and professional no hassle.“

Steve V.

“The Actor’s Lab is awesome. High quality for low prices. They seem to be really efficient and fast with their retouching too. I’ve come here twice now for my headshots.“


“The Actor’s Photo Lab was recommended to me by the photographer who took my head shots. Clearly, in this city, it might be foolish to simply go off of that, so I did my own research, and finding only positive reviews, I decided to try them out. I was assisted by a nice guy named Mitch who helped me re-size, setup, and eventually print my new head shots. They look great and even after that the lab staff helped me figure out what to do vis-à-vis my resume. Actor’s Photo Lab has been great and I would absolutely use them again!”

Sam G.

“Just wanted to say Thank You for such a wonderful job on the pics I Love them! 🙂

Thank You Three Times!!!”

Heir V.

“I was in a hurry to get headshots done and I found The Actor’s Photo lab on google. When I called they were super friendly and they could do same day printing for NO extra charge. They’re so affordable on an actors budget and they are very good quality!”

Erin M.

“I have to admit my experience with The Actor’s Photo Lab was actually surprising, in a nice way! I didn’t know that I can come to their shop and have all my questions and concerns answered and get a proof print in less than 30 minutes. After seeing the excellent quality I ordered my prints and it was all done in less than an hour… Bravo! I am a happy customer.”

Max N.

“The Actor’s Photo Lab was the perfect find for me! They were able to do a next day turnaround (for no additional fee!!) PLUS offer me a small minimum order, at a GREAT price AND the prints look awesome!!

Thanks, Armen – I’m coming back soon.”

Gregory K.

“You did a wonderful job helping me with all of my reprints and making sure all of the pictures came out the way we discussed. You went above and beyond helping satisfy me! Thanks for your help my friend. High Quality and Efficient Service! Great Job… See ya next time“

Vic S.

“I love working with Chris! She is fast, efficient, and has a great eye for details. I am never disappointed because she exceeds my expectation with every order. Thanks Chris!”

Meg A.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent retouching. I have booked a few big parts since i updated my pictures and i am sure it has a lot to do with your excellent work. Thanks again!“

Kevin L. W.

“I have had a number of print shops help produce products for me over the years, and Actor’s Photo Lab has had not only the best prices, but also the best customer service and overall production on my products. Thank you Actor’s Photo Lab! You are helping me make strides in my career!“

Nita M. - Miss National Fitness

“I was very impressed with how fast and well done the retouching was; pretty much while I waited so I could approve it right away! My proofs and my 200 reproduced pictures were printed up so quickly, within a day, and with no extra charge! That helped me to send out my agent mailing faster than I originally thought, maximizing my time! The staff was very helpful and actually listened to my needs in order to get my best looking shot. The price was the most affordable in town as well. I searched and compared Valley and Hollywood reproduction houses and APL was the best! Thank you!“

Britanni E.

“Actor’s Photo Lab is the best photo lab I have ever worked with, in LA or NYC. They make it so incredibly easy to retouch and print your headshots, or whatever photo you are working with. Email them your photo, they will expertly retouch and crop it for you, and email it back for approval. After you approve it, they print it. Easy Peasy. And their prices beat most of the other labs in town. If you are looking for a photo lab that is precise, fast, friendly, and affordable, this is the place. And if i had to sum Actor’s Photo Lab up in one word, i’d simply call them “Professional”. Thanks so much for making my life easier.”

Ali H.

“Without a doubt, the service that I receive here is incomparable. The turn-around is quick and the quality is great! As a talent manager, these are the key ingredients that help land my clients major auditions for tv, film and agents. Without a doubt, you guys are #1 in my book. Keep up the excellent work! “

Jerome Richardson - RISE Talent Management Founder/CEO

“For quality, economical pricing, and the best in customer service, there isn’t a better headshot reproduction lab in LA! I called Actor’s Photo Lab one morning in a bind, needing my headshots printed that same day, and Chris was able to retouch and print them…without a rush fee! They worked with me and my needs, making me feel that my career was in good hands. I’ve found my photo reproduction service…Actor’s Photo Lab!”

Kasey A.

“I would like to inform the authorities about the great experience. I had dealing with your company. Making this experience perfect was Christina she is an asset.”

Richard R.

“Your company is awesome. Very friendly service. Thank you!”

Kim Marie F.